BMW at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017


BMW at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017


Between 5 and 8 January 2017 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, BMW demonstrated a number of prototypes of new products and services. All of these innovations and technologies aid in ensuring that ‘no other brand has more integrated connectivity and telemetry than BMW’.

The future of personalised driving

The BMW 5 Series Saloon-based prototype featured ‘a personalised, connected driving experience’. This new technology will allow the car to take control of acceleration and braking, as well as the ability to ‘take your hands off the steering wheel’.

BMW Connected

BMW was an ‘early pioneer in enabling extensive in-car access to online, infotainment and communication functions’. BMW Connected makes every journey simple, enabling you to reach your destination relaxed and on time. Further, through combining BMW Connected with Surround View, remote 3D transmits a ‘three-dimensional view of the vehicle and its surroundings to the driver’s smartphone’.

Intelligent Connectivity

BMW also showcased digital services ‘that will allow drivers of future automated vehicles to optimise the planning of their daily lives’. BMW Augmented Gesture Control enables drivers ‘to access information about places that they see along their route simply by pointing at them’. Further, Microsoft Cortana, which is already available on a home PC or smartphone, will now be available inside a future BMW. BMW Connected can then provide reminders of appointments or make a restaurant recommendation en route.

Collaboration with Amazon Prime Now

En-route delivery services will enable ‘goods to be ordered through the app and delivered to home, while on the road’. BMW Connected will know when the vehicle has been switched to automated driving, whilst also adapting to the rear-seat passengers’ needs; for example, by dimming the interior lighting when they play a video.

Innovative control and display technologies

The BMW i Inside Future display showcased BMW HoloActive Touch, ‘BMW’s latest take on the future of in-car control and display technology’. The system will act as a virtual touchscreen where it will combine ‘BMW Head-up Display, BMW gesture control and direct touchscreen’.

BMW Connected Window

Lastly, BMW presented the BMW Connected Window vision. This Connected Window platform integrates every type of information which is perceived to be relevant for daily mobility and planning.